Beatport Streaming Service For DJ's 

Beatport is about to move to a music streaming model.



So they have acquired the technology, and they have seen the future. Streaming is the new normal. Files are dead and gone, and the last physical medium standing…congratulations vinyl!! (Awesome! But this is not about that)  Dj’s you are probably wondering how this is going to play out? I’m wondering myself, and can’t help…

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Paul Oakenfold Review - Still The Master 

I attended Paul Oakenfold last night at The Palace in Calgary.  I went in with low expectations , as I tend to do these days. After all, I am an old jaded DJ who’s seen everything good and bad. It’s been said now that I hate everything. True? Well, I dunno hate is a strong word…But 


So the opening DJ was discouraging. Not off to a great start, he played it as though we were all 16 year olds at the EDM festival. Boo! I did not expect such a mis-read of the crowd from such an experienced veteran. oh well…

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If your not on it already, why?  If not, how do you listen to music? Physical media is dead and nearly gone. Files are a waste of time and storage-space, now that we have this thing called “the cloud”. Seen any iPods on sale lately?  Then there’s radio…LOL! Thats enough said about that.  We live in an on demand society. Spotify gives you the entire history of recorded music at a single click. Yes, pretty damn close to everything. What you want, when you want it. Disagree if you like,  maybe you…

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